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Moving to a new home requires a lot of mental and physical organisation, especially if you have lots to shift. Packing boxes can seem easy, but carrying them in and out of the van to your new home can be exhausting. Also, if you have lots of valuable items like antiques or fragile pieces to move, it’s recommendable you leave the job to experts.

The best choice for a good removal company depends on your needs. There are so many removal companies to choose from, but not all that are reputable and reliable. Here are some tips for choosing the best removal company for your home move.

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Carry Out Research

Before settling for any removal company, conduct research thoroughly; you are about to entrust your valuable possessions to the company’s staff you do not know much about. To avoid risking your valuables, discover relevant information about the removal company you are considering hiring. You can check the company’s “about page” to know its longevity and history. It will help you make an informed decision.

Read Reviews

Your first stop before hiring a removal company is reading the company’s reviews. Use the information you get wisely for a stress-free move. You can also check how the company responds to the reviews, both good and bad. It’s a pointer to the kind of customer service the company has and a display of its reputation.

Visit the Removal Company Website

Once you have spotted a removal company for your moving, scrutinise their website. Check if the company has provided a physical address, mobile and landline phone numbers, and an email address. It’s an indication that the company is ready to be contacted by its customers.

You can also visit the company using the address given and survey its office appearance and condition of the moving vehicles. A well-organised and clean office is a good sign of a reliable company.

Check the Insurance Cover

Make sure to check the insurance the removal company offers for goods being moved. Understand what it covers and the compensation payments. A reliable removal company will provide insurance against breakage or loss of your property while in transit. Also, understand whether the company insurance will cover goods that you decide to pack yourself.

Get a Recommendation

If you are not sure which removal company to choose, get a recommendation from a family member or friend. You will be assured of the service to expect if you know their performance with other clients.

If you cant get any recommendations, go for the company that has shown professionalism and friendliness.

Packing and Other Services

Understand the packing services the removal company offer and inquire if they offer specialised packing for valuable and fragile things. Also, know the payment options they have. Ask if the removal team are casual labour staff or they are employed full-time. Permanent employees are more likely to care for your possessions. Inquire if the removal company will organize for road closures or parking permits if your move requires that.

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