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Moving can be stressful, or rather, it will be or is stressful, depending on where a person is in the process. It would be nice to be able to offer stress-free moving, but, that does not exist. What does exist, however, is a company that can make things easier and some steps those being moved can take to alleviate even more stress.

Here are those steps.

Purchase Package Supplies

A moving company like Cookson & Sons, Movers and Storers has all the packing materials and supplies you will need. The key is to purchase the materials and supplies well in advance. That way, as you pack, you are not leaving unfinished piles of stuff all over your living space. At the least, you should purchase:

  • Boxes
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sharpies

Once you have those in hand, set aside one room to store your supplies and keep track of what is used. That way you can replenish your supplies and materials as needed instead of finding out in the middle of packing that you are running short.

Clean Out Early

Do not procrastinate. Start cleaning out your home as soon as you have the moving company booked. Get rid of stuff you hardly ever use and start to position things for being packed in boxes or prepared for being moved. This step will not only help you organize, but it will also reduce supplies and materials costs by getting rid of stuff you do not need or use.

Use a Checklist

No checklist will have every step you think is necessary, but it will cover many steps that are critical to a successful move. There are multiple checklists for moving online and you can always modify them or work off them to create your own.

Label Early and Often

There is no such thing as too much information on a packing label. Sure, you want to be mindful of making a label indecipherable, but generally, the more information you put on the label the better off you and the movers will be. At the least include:

  • Articles in a box
  • The room the articles in the box will be stored

This is especially important if you are storing some things in your new place. The more you label the less likely it will be that boxes get misplaced.

It is also a good idea to label boxes with fragile items very clearly in large letters. Make sure that no one can miss the “FRAGILE” warning.

Prep Electronics

Before you start packing electronics, label them and organize them by room. Try and keep each room to a separate box. A good idea is also to label the box with a coloured dot and then place a dot of the same colour on the actual electronic device. This way, movers can quickly assess where a device is headed and what box is associated with it.

These steps will all help alleviate some of the stress of moving. Another major step you can take is to call Cookson & Sons, Movers and Storers today and book your moving date. That will ensure from the get-go one major part of moving has been handled.


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