Moving House With Kids – The Ultimate Guide

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When you’re moving house, the last thing you want to worry about is your kids. But with a little bit of preparation and organisation, it can be a relatively stress-free experience for them too. In this guide, we’ll give you some tips on how to make moving house with kids as smooth as possible. Cookson & Sons Moving have seen it all when it comes to families moving house with their children.

Talk to your kids about what’s happening

The best way to prepare your kids for moving house is to talk to them about it in advance. Let them know what’s going on, and answer any questions they have honestly. This will help them feel more comfortable and prepared for the move.

If your kids are old enough, you could involve them in the process by letting them help with packing their own belongings. This will make them feel more involved, and they’ll be less likely to get upset on moving days.

Give them a sense of ownership over their new home

One way to make the move less daunting for your kids is to involve them in the process as much as possible. Let them choose their own bedroom decorations, or help pack up their old toys and books. This will give them a sense of ownership over their new home, and make them feel more settled once they arrive there.

If you can, try to visit the new house before moving day so that your kids can get a feel for their new surroundings. This will help them visualise the move, and make it seem less daunting.

On the day of the move, things will inevitably be chaotic. To make things run as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to create a schedule for the day. Write down what time everyone needs to be up when breakfast will be, what needs to be packed in which car, and so on. This will help keep everyone on track and reduce the stress levels on moving days.

Moving With Younger Children

If you’re moving with younger children, it’s important to make the move as easy as possible for them. Here are some tips to help make the transition go smoothly:

-Pack their favourite toys and clothes to keep them comfortable and distracted during the move.

-Make sure they have a designated space in the new house where they can put all of their things so they feel at home right away.

-Take frequent breaks during the move so they can run around and get some energy out; this will help them stay calm and relaxed.

-Explain what’s happening in a simplified way so they understand what’s going on; reassure them that everything is going to be okay.

Moving With Older Children

Moving with older children can be easier most of the time. This is because they are old enough to understand what is going on and can help out more than younger children. Here are some tips for you:

-Encourage them to help out with the move by packing their own, sorting through their belongings, or carrying boxes. This will make them feel more involved and invested in the move.

-Talk to them about their new area and school; they know what to expect and answer any questions they have.

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