The Most Common Items to Break During a Move

Hands pack up and wrap glassware into plastic bubble wrapping

Moving homes is an adventure often, filled with excitement and, inevitably, a bit of stress. One of the challenges many of us face is ensuring that our belongings make the journey safely. Understanding which items are most at risk of damage can help you prepare more effectively. In this post, we’ll explore the most common items that tend to break during a move and share some expert tips to protect them.

Glassware & Fragile Items

Glassware, from your favourite wine glasses to cherished porcelain figurines, are especially vulnerable during a move. To safeguard these items, wrap each piece individually in bubble wrap and secure with tape. Use sturdy boxes and clearly mark them as ‘Fragile’ to ensure they’re handled with care. Filling empty spaces in the boxes with packing peanuts or crumpled paper can also prevent movement and potential damage.


Our lives are filled with electronics, and they often accompany us on our moves. Televisions, computers, and game consoles require special attention. If you’ve kept their original packaging, that’s the best option for transport. Otherwise, secure them with bubble wrap and place them in boxes that fit snugly. Remember to remove any CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays from their players to avoid internal damage.


Bulky furniture pieces like tables, chairs, and shelves are not just heavy but often awkwardly shaped, making them prone to scratches and breakage. Whenever possible, disassemble furniture to its smallest form. Use furniture pads or blankets to wrap and protect each piece. Pay special attention to protruding parts like table legs, which can easily snap off if not properly secured.

Furniture protected by plastic sheeting, surrounded by boxes

Artwork & Mirrors

Artwork and mirrors add beauty to our homes but are delicate to transport. For glass-covered pictures and mirrors, use masking tape to make a large X across the glass. This helps to keep the glass in place if it shatters. Wrap them in thick blankets or special mirror boxes and ensure they are transported upright.

Light Fixtures & Lamps

Light fixtures and lamps often have components that are fragile and easily bent or broken. Remove light bulbs and lampshades and pack them separately. Wrap the bases and any protruding parts with bubble wrap, ensuring they’re well-cushioned in their boxes. It’s also crucial to avoid stacking heavy items on top of boxes containing lighting fixtures.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, whether it’s a delicate violin or a grand piano, require special care. Smaller instruments should be placed in their hard-shell cases, while pianos might need professional movers due to their size and intricacy. Avoid exposing instruments to extreme temperatures and ensure they’re securely placed in the moving vehicle.

Recognising which items are prone to breakage and taking steps to protect them can greatly reduce the risk of damage during your move. Proper packing, careful handling, and a bit of planning go a long way.

For those items that need a bit more care or for a completely stress-free moving experience, consider hiring professionals like us at Cookson Moving. With our expertise and specialised services, we ensure that your belongings, from the most robust furniture to the most delicate glassware, arrive safely at your new home. Contact us today for a hassle-free move!

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