Top 10 Packing Tips for Moving House


Our 10 Best Packing Tips for Moving House

It is funny that people do not know how much stuff they have in their houses until they decide to move. Some stuff is rarely even used, but you must take them with you to your new house. Moving from one home to another is daunting and can be expensive, especially when some stuff breaks. You can minimise the expenses with the following packing tips and make the whole process easier, timely, and free of frustrations.

1. Start parking in advance

The time it takes to pack things in your house depends on what you have. To ensure that the process is timely, you should start packing early. If you have a big house, begin two months in advance, packing a box a day.

2. Start with stuff you do not often use

If you live in a multi-story house, start with the upstairs rooms as you move your way down floor by floor. Start by parking seasonal items such as garden tools, Christmas lights and coats. You can further sort the boxes you can take with you and those you may decide to set aside for donation.

3. Declutter and donate

Give your unwanted items to charity, or you can sell the things you do not want to take with you online or in local classifieds. You can also ask those helping you to move whether they need anything you may like to sell.

4. Have an inventory list

A detailed inventory list will help you when you have an extensive collection of trinkets, books, or CDs. Just label the box at hand with what is inside, say ‘CD’s’

5. Pack a room at a time

You will only stay organised when you pack a room and help both you and the unloaders know which box goes where. You alternatively start unloading and unpacking from the top to the ground floor, beginning with the package that will not need unpacking and then the remaining boxes afterwards.

6. Do not exceed 20kg per box

This is a necessity if you do not want to get a back injury. This helps prevent breakages, especially when the box above the other is so heavy and the one under it cannot withstand the weight.

7. Pack liquids items in plastic bags

For items that can spill, such as toiletries and detergent, it is wise to have them in plastic bags. You can also open the cap, take a plastic bag over the neck and screw it back. Then place them in a sturdy box.

8. Roll your clothes

Rolling your clothes reduces the space they would instead have taken. They also wrinkle less. Roll them and store them in on the box.

9. Pack cables and wiring appliances

Use toilet rolls to pack all your valuables, such as headphones, individually. Then label them with a small sticky note and put them in a single box.

10. Store valuables in one place

Pack your valuables in one location and make a detailed inventory list to avoid forgetting or losing some.

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